This page exists to outline why the Influencer team/program exists and exactly what a member of this team is committed to. After checking out the commitment, you'll see that we are expecting a lot from this team; however, there are many benefits of being a part of this team and that there are high rewards for being on this team.

Prayerfully consider your commitment to being apart of lead team. Then, you will need to fill out the application at the end of this page and make an appointment with Pastor Cameron for your interview!

For the YTH. For the Culture.

Pastor Cam

Youth Pastor





We make a BIG deal about Jesus
We pray first, pray often, and pray boldly
We believe the Gospel changes everything


We believe everyone belongs and welcome everyone despite their backgrounds
We know that our stories hold power and need to be shared
We aren’t going to wait for students to find us, we are going to find them


Jesus was passionate for us — we are passionate for Him in return.
We worship with all we are and with everything we have
We influence and engage the culture around us
We believe everyone has a next step



Our Worship Team will lead worship every Wednesday for our  YTH service. This team might be for you if you play an instrument or sing and have a passion for worship. The Worship Team requires more than all other teams and is time consuming but worth it! Use your talents to lead a crowd of students into worship each week!


This team is for those that want to use their creative side to influence the culture around them. You will be responsible for creating video scripts, coming up with graphics, merch ideas and so much more.  Our expectations for our Creative Team are high. We expect our content to be the best of the best.


This team works to exceed the highest standards in audio, video, lighting, and screen production. This team is essential in enhancing environments to provide a distraction free worship experience.


This team works to ensure that every person who walks through our doors has the best experience possible. Your role in this team is to be an experience guide for every new student that walks in the door.


Capture Team plays an essential role in seeing students come to know Jesus and to encourage those who know Him in their faith. This team communicates what God is doing in our church to those who don’t attend yet in a relevant and attractive way. We want our posts to engage people to the point where they would say “I can’t miss this”.



We want our YTH Influencers to first know who Jesus is but to also commit to growing in their relationship with God. You can grow in your relationship with God through the following spiritual habits: through spiritual habits such as prayer, worship, devotion, etc.

 Devotion || This is a time set aside where you can spend alone time with God in prayer and Bible study. Be creative. Find a place where you can spend time with God consistently. Whether it’s a porch swing or on a truck bed under the stars, this time with God is special.

Join a Crew ||  Why do life alone? Find an adult leader you can trust. No matter what your struggles, you should be able to share this with your mentor. This relationship will challenge each of you to live a life pleasing to God.

Serving || Maintain the heart of a servant. When you serve others and God, you grow in Him. It’s that simple.

Involvement in the Church Body || We will not be a secluded ministry. We will be deeply involved with living in community at New Life Community Church.

Giving || Giving is an act of worship and is another great way to grow in your relationship with God. Giving can include time, talent or money.


Part of being a Leader is committing to choices, lifestyle, and attitudes that are Godly. Your leadership is a model for other students. Because of this, everything your project should be above reproach. This includes your Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat Story, etc.


A leader is passionate about seeing their school campus come to know Christ. Believe big things will happen! Dream God-sized dreams! Reach out to your friends and bring them to YTH Nights!


It is essential that you attend a New Life service, YTH services, and Leadership team meetings weekly! This is mandatory. If you are not able to make it, you must send a text or call Pastor Cam with your reason at least 24 hours in advance. You are that important to this ministry! If you are missing too much, you will be asked to step down from leadership.

Being a leader requires consistency. When you commit to serving on our leadership team, your commitment is for the length of one full school year. Be reliable!


The Gospel will be at the center of everything we do. The Gospel in Five Words is an easy way to remember, understand and share the Gospel with your friends.

we're asking a lot

We’re asking a lot from our leaders and because of this, we realize leadership isn’t for everyone or might not be the right time for everyone.  We understand some might not have enough time to commit to attending both New Life and YTH services.

If the Influencer Team isn’t for you, don’t worry about it. We are committed to you and want to help you continue to grow spiritually, regardless of your involvement.

Although we’re asking for a considerable commitment from our leaders, there are also benefits.  The Influencer Team has high requirements, but it also has high rewards. Part of the high reward leaders receive is hands on training and personal time with team leaders of the church. Also, leaders take ownership of YTH using the talents and gifts God has given them.

You’ll receive priceless leadership training and experience that will help you grow in every area of life. Being a part of the Influencer Team will often result in food, random group outings, an exclusive retreat each year, and a group of friends you will never forget! The spiritual reward of investing in the lives of others will be the best.

We want to invest in the lives and calling of our student leaders!

For your parents

We are especially concerned about the family life of our leaders. We do not want to create a ton of programs to keep leaders out every night of the week. Spiritual growth does not necessarily require sacrificing family time and commitments.

As far as a time commitment, we’re asking our leadership team to be out one night during the week (YTH service & Influencer Huddles), attend one day on the weekend (New Life Church Service), and be apart of a Crew (Sunday Night Small Groups).

We are asking our leaders to give around 3% of their time monthly, some months more, some months less.

Typically a student will give 13% of their time to a school activity such as football, choir, drama, etc. Also, a student will give 20% of their time to going to school (not including homework). Students spend about 27% of their time sleeping. This leaves 37% of time left over for family, homework and friends.

How you choose for your family to spend their time is your family’s decision. We are simply pointing out how little time it takes for your leader to make a huge impact in their lives and in the lives of others.

We are asking for 3% of your leader’s time in which they will be serving God, creating lasting relationships with friends, having fun and learning about an area they are gifted in.

We are proud of your leader for their commitment to leadership. We are asking that if you choose to honor their decision, you will help them stay true to their commitment. We love and appreciate our leader’s parents! Thank you in advance!


We firmly believe that God’s mission for us and His specific calling for our lives deserve to be at the top of our priority list. There are a ton of things we can commit our time to in life, but we believe nothing can be greater than working together, to lead our community and world, to know Jesus in a personal way.

The Gospel

God created us for a relationship with Him long before the world ever existed. This is why humans exist - because He wanted to be with us.
Ephesians 1:4-5

But here’s the problem. When sin came into the world, it created a wall of separation between us and God. All of the sudden, what we were created for had become lost. No one is unaffected by sin and the only way to pay for the problem of sin is death.
Romans 3:23, Romans 6:23a

But God wasn't okay with this outcome of sin. So he sent a rescue plan. That rescue plan's name was Jesus. Even though He didn't have to, God made the greatest sacrifice in history by giving His son Jesus to pay for sin. The cost of sin is death, so Jesus died -- for us. But he didn't stay dead. After three days, Jesus beat death and came back to life.
John 3:16, Romans 5:8

Even though God sent His Son Jesus to rescue us from sin - it’s not going to help us unless we make the choice to follow Him. If we choose Jesus publicly and give our entire heart to Him, then we become...
Romans 10:9

Redemption means being what we were meant to be all along. Not only will we live forever in Heaven with Him, but we are now realigned with the purpose that God had for us all along - to have a relationship with Him.
Ephesians 1:7