Here at New Life we take the education and safety of the youngest members of our church family very seriously. We are proud to provide safe, clean, loving environments for all of our children. Our classes are staffed by an excellent team of volunteer teachers that have gone through an interview process, thorough criminal background check and receive continuous training to ensure we are providing your child with the best care possible.

KidzWorld operates with four core values that help us in the evaluation of all our programs and strategies. Everything we do in our weekend services is designed to achieve these four objectives.

Be a place of safety.
Not just in terms of physical safety (which is a high priority) but also spiritual and emotional safety. Any time a child walks through the doors of KidzWorld they need to feel as if they are entering a safe haven where they can experience a brief taste of the unconditional love their Heavenly Father has for them. 

Be a place of discovery and growth.
Children are sponges absorbing the world around them.  We should aim to create environments that creatively reveal to them the story of a loving God that desperately wants to have a personal relationship with them. Videos, live drama, puppets, games, worship, small group discussion, object lessons and anything else that you can dream up can serve as a tool to reach a child and help them mature in their faith. Their is no one magical method and we must be intentional about creating opportunities for children to discover and develop their faith by allowing them to creatively and critically think about topics and issues from a Biblical worldview. If kids are bored or disconnected they are not going to be listening, thinking or growing.

Support the parent-child relationship.
Parents are the single largest influencer in a child’s life and the ones who are ultimately responsible to God for their upbringing. Since this is the case, we make every effort  to make parents aware of the material being introduced to their children and equip them to continue on the discussion at home. 

Be experiential.
Children need to experience firsthand what it means to be loved unconditionally, to worship with all they have, and to serve others selflessly. It is one thing to give them the knowledge of an all-powerful, all-loving God worthy of our praise and an entirely different level to give them the opportunity to actually love, worship and serve him.